About Engendered Conversations

I’ve started this blog with the intention of sharing the many conversations that I have with different people on a wide variety of topics. I know. That sounds vague and like a load of nothing. Let me explain a bit further.

The word “engender” basically means to make something happen. I realized when I was a teenager (decades ago!) that the majority of my conversations with friends, strangers, and sometimes with family ended up being centered around one thing – gender. It always came down to that. Somehow and some way. It would have seemed to anyone that I was somehow engendering conversations about gender. I have before. I can probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve done that though and all those times were probably for my Gender degree at university. Yep, I took my fascination for the topic that far!

I’m currently a stay-at-home mum as I have the most beautiful little girl (my whole heart) whom I have conversations with, often one-sided. I’ve had a couple of blogs over the last ten years. Blogging brought me much joy and gave me other things to focus on outside of my 9-5 jobs which, as I’m sure you can guess, have always been completely unrelated to my degree. I figured I could find some additional joy in my daily life if I returned to blogging about that one topic that fascinates me so much but with a special twist to it.

Among my own opinionated posts, I’ll also be sharing with you some guest posts and also some of the conversations I tend to have. While you’ll hopefully get a chuckle out of a few of them, I’m hoping you’ll find them relatable at some level and they’ll make you feel like you’re not alone in any situations you’ve faced (or continue to face) in your own lives! As I’m a mummy, and a recent one at that, you’re also likely to find tons of stuff related to parenting and babies so steel yourself for that.

Do feel free to comment with your thoughts and personal experiences below each post. When one particularly tickles you, makes you think really hard or maybe even makes you angry (hopefully there won’t be too many of those), share it with others!