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5 Steps to the Perfect Job hopping CV

It’s easier to find a job independently in some parts of the world than it is in others. In those places where you can find multiple job options online, it may seem like an attractive option to move between jobs till you find what’s best for you and I wrote about that here a while ago. Yes, if you’re like me, adjusting to a new work environment ever so often is not daunting if it’s for a great reason like better money or a higher position in your field.

However, it’s not easy to do. Like applying for any job, at any time, and even with the perfect qualifications and experience, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a call back for interview. UNLESS you do the following:

  1. Highlight any accomplishments. Dazzle your potential employer with what you’ve achieved so far. This takes the focus away from how many roles you made those achievements in. The important thing is what you can do, not how many places you’ve shone in. In fact, create an achievements section on your CV if you have enough to make a list and let that section take the lead.
  2. Tell the truth. This should go without saying. Your potential employer is not stupid. While you don’t want them to think you only care about money, you also don’t want to seem like you’ve been switching jobs frequently for no particular reason. Give a good, solid and truthful reason for each move. Especially where you were forced to switch through no fault of your own, for example, a downsizing, be sure to say so.
  3. Pay attention to your employment dates. Much like the first point, there’s no need to draw attention to your length of stay at each job. Use years only and not exact dates. This gives a CV reviewer a fair idea of when you were in your previous roles but it shouldn’t be until they meet you that they have the chance to delve into exact dates and why.
  4. Have a clear and succinct personal statement. Say exactly who you are based on your work experience, what you can offer and exactly what you want. Don’t be shy. For example, if you need a part time role to fit your mummy life, state so on your CV – “Searching for a part time role…”. You are very unlikely to get what you don’t ask for.
  5. Skimp on the skimpy information. What I mean is, it is unnecessary to list two waitressing jobs you had for a total of two weeks while looking for a job in your engineering field. They’re irrelevant to any recruiter or company looking at your CV. Take those off and bring them up in interview if you think you need to. Also, go ahead and combine two roles if they were consecutive and made up of exactly the same duties.

You may notice that the basic message here is to not waste any reader’s time! Let them know within a minute of looking at your CV that they at least want to meet you, even if not give you the job on the spot.Ideally, you should also be editing your CV to suit each role you apply for. In the process of editing, one thing you mustn’t forget is GRAMMAR. This is so important for any CV…

It helps to have a second eye and I can help with that. If you’d like a brief CV review as a job hopper or even a contractor looking to go permanent, send your CV through here and I will get back to you ASAP with some suggestions!

In the meantime, share this post with any job seekers you know – hoppers or not!

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